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moments turned memories

Capturing the natural moments that families didn't even know were possible to freeze collections of time and preserve their memories for them to pass down through generations.

my philosophy

I’m not for defining people by labels because everyone is so much more than one thing, but a few titles I’ll hands down proudly wear are creative, wife, mama and follower of Christ. I’m known for my down-to-earth personality with a little sass that will make you feel comfortable to let your personality show in front of the camera.

Hi There Friend,
I'm Esther

My life's greatest accomplishment is being a
mama to three. Warm embraces and morning
snuggles from my husband and kids make my day.


My favorite bible verse is Proverbs 3:6. Inked on my wrist, these words serve as a permanent daily reminder of how I choose to live my life.


summer time

Summer is my favorite season. There is nothing
quite like gardening and sitting outside on warm summer time nights.

diy projects

Creating and building is therapy for my soul. I like to consider myself an aspiring Joanna Gaines. I love being able to breathe life back into a space.

red wine

I run on coffee and red wine. The drink that has my heart is cabernet though. I can often be found with a glass of Chop Shop in my hand.

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things i love

my hometown:

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A small, mostly Amish farming town on the East coast 


Attended Rocky Mountain school of Photography at age 17 in '09


Horse riding - all my childhood memories involve horse shows and 4-H


Homebody but I love adventure

Give me more of...

The sun - give me all the warm temps

best career decision:

chose to pursued my photography career full time after 5 years of college


 I grew up in a large family, which is why I thrive on chaos but also structure

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